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Genealogy Data Page 1 (Notes Pages)

For privacy reasons, Date of Birth and Date of Marriage for persons believed to still be living are not shown.

North, Edwin Coral (b. 3 May 1887, d. 31 Mar 1961)

Note: bartender Red Bluff 1910 in a hotel. Living arrangement: lodger
From D. North's book
Enlisted US Army Feb. 18, 1913. Served three years IN Honolulu, one year on the Mexican border, among the first to go to France, serving there two years, and was sounded and badly gassed. Resides San Jose, CA.

1920 census living alone in San Francisco at age 32

I was going through Ancestry this morning [haven't been to bed yet] and found an Edwin C. North in the 1920 census for California. Do you know when your grandfather was born? Was his name also Edwin C. North? This man I found is male, white, single and 32 years of age. He's at the [looks like] Letterman General Hospital, the Presidio, San Fransciso, California. His b-date would have been abt. 1888. I don't know when your dad was born.

born 5/03/1887 Magalia,[aka Butte Mills, Dogtown] Butte Co. CA
died 5/31/1961
wed 12/04/1920 Christine Belle Bosworth in Modesto, Stanislaus Co.
father Edwin Byron
mother Leonora Mildred Martin
1910 census age 22 in 4WD Red Bluff

1930 census, I think, from Djh
North, Edwin C. Head M W 42 M Family all born Calif. " Christine B. Wife F W 32 M " Edwin C. Son M W 8 S " Maurice Son M W 7 S " Margaret Daughter F W 5 S " Orran? Son M W 2 S Geyer?, Frank Friend M W 50 D Born Penn. Edwin & Christine's fathers born Missouri, mothers born Calif. Edwin was a farmer who did general farm work. Edwin and Christine rented the farm they lived on. Edwin was married when he was 32 and Christine 22. Frank Geyer was a laborer who worked on a farm.
Given Name: Edwin Coral
Change: Date: 14 Jul 2003
Time: 01:43:21

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North, Edwin Byron (b. 10 Jun 1857, d. 26 Nov 1937)
Note: D.N. pg.127 #314

according to his obit he came with parents from MO in a covered wagon drawn by oxen over the Sweetwater Route and settled in Butte Co.

1920 census age 62 Silveyville, Solano Co, CA living alone
born in MO

age 26 in 1884 voter reg.
born MO
occup. water agent in Powelton


D.N.: pg. 190 Mr. North is a farmer and resides [1919] in Vacaville, CA

he was a Mason

obit Nov. 29, 1937
surviving sons and daughters
Mrs. W.A. Ray, San Jose
Mrs. George A. Robins, Gerber
E.C. North, Red Bluff [Daddy]
D.A. North, San Jose
G.L. North, Stockton
Given Name: Edwin Byron
Death: 26 Nov 1937 Red Bluff, Tehama CO. CA
Burial: Oak Hill Cemetery
Change: Date: 14 Jul 2003
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North, Rufus (b. 4 Dec 1827, d. 11 Jul 1893)
Note: D.N. pg 5 (birth) #185

Census Place Alexander, Genesee, New York Birthplace NY
Age 51
Occupation Keeping House
Marital Status M <Married>
Race W <White>
Head of Household Rufus NORTH

Listed in The Native Daughters of the Golden West master index as a pioneer vol.43 pg.331

according to Edwin Byron's obit:
He came to CA with his parents in a covered wagon, drawn by oxen over the Sweetwater Route, settling in Butte Co.

>>Below are the excerpts from: Gudde, Erwin Gustav. "California gold camps : a geographical and historical dictionary of camps, towns, and localities where gold was found and mined, wayside stations and trading centers." Berkeley : University of California Press, c1975. x, 467 p. : ill. ; 27 cm. Please cite the source if you use the text in a publication: Concow: Valley, Township [Butte]. North of Oroville. Recorded on the County Map of 1861 and on von Leicht-Craven’s map of 1874. It is the site of the Concow Reser­voir. There was considerable quartz min­ing as early as 1850 (Co. Hist., 1882, p. 214). For the origin of the name see California Place Names.<<
Entire family lived in Oroville in 1870 census

b. 12/04/1897 Norths Landing, Ohio IN
d. 7/11/1893
1820 census Randolph, Dearborn Co. IN 2 in household
1860 age 32 in Benton Twnsp, Adair Co. MO
1870 census Concow, Butte Co, CA age 42

Occupation farmer in Red BLuff
age 61 in 1888 voter reg. occup. miner in Powelton

according to census sheet [I have seen copy of original] Rufus had perhaps a different wife by 1870.
This would fit with the separation between him and Avarilla, unless the Abertine mentioned in this census is a gross miscarriage of Avarilla.
Rufus age 42 head of household occupation DO
Abertine 36 keeping house
Echo [Edward?] age 13
Davis [David?] 9
Frank 3
Wm 4 months

By 1880 census Avilah lived as head of household second from Rufus, and she had Edwin, David, Francis, Willis and Abbie with her.
Given Name: Rufus
Death: 11 Jul 1893 Concow Valley, CA
Burial: Concow cemetery
Change: Date: 18 Jul 2003
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North, Levi (b. 11 Mar 1793, d. 20 Aug 1845)
Note: D.N.: birth pg.41 #93
Mr. North was a farmer at North's Landing, near Rising Sun, Indiana, where he also owned a store and a steam mill.

1820 census Randolph, Dearborn Co. IN

Household Record 1880 United States Census
Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Levi NORTH Self M Male W 72 CT Farmer CT CT
Ann T. NORTH Wife M Female W 71 CT Keeping House CT CT
John FINIGAN Other M Male W 48 NY Cigar Maker IREL. IREL.
Source Information:
Census Place Berlin, Hartford, Connecticut
Family History Library Film 1254099
NA Film Number T9-0099
Page Number 367A

1840 census Revolutionary War Pensioners
Levi North age 80 h.o.h. Levi North Berlin Hartford

father of Rufus
Berlin, Hartford CO. in 1800, 1810, 1820, 1860, 1870, and gone by 1910 census
wed 1819 in Connecticut Rachel Hood or Rood
Given Name: Levi
Death: 20 Aug 1845 North's Landing, Ohio Co. IN
Change: Date: 27 Jul 2003
Time: 22:04:36

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North, Lot (b. 20 Jan 1756, d. 8 Oct 1825)
Note: D.N. birth pg.25 #41

Thomas, Lot's brother, moved to North's Landing first.

Randolph, Dearborn Co, IN 1820 census image

Lot North Gravesite in Ohio County, Indiana
Directions: Take Hwy 56 out of Vevay heading east towards Rising Sun, Indiana. Before you get there there is a small place in the road called "North's Landing", a road runs North at this intersection turn left on it and go about 1/8 mile or less on your left you'll see trailers on your left and just past that is a field you drive down to the cemetery..this would be a grass covered easement area. You can NOT see the cemetery from the will need to pull down in the grass and walk over to the cemetery.

Lot North was the brother of Thomas North of Switzerland County. He was born 10 Jan 1756 Farmington, Connecticut. He died 8 Oct 1825. Graveyard on North's farm near north's Landing. It is the same graveyard as his brother Thomas North but County line runs through it. He was married to Silence Horsford. Source Page 280, Roster of Soldiers and Patriots of the American Revolution Buried in Indiana, 1938.
Given Name: Lot
Death: 8 Oct 1825 North's Landing, Ohio Co. IN
Change: Date: 13 Jul 2003
Time: 16:38:49

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North, Timothy (b. 21 Sep 1714, d. 31 Jul 1788)
Note: Married his cousin Hannah North, daughter of Thomas
From D. North's book on the family:

His six sons served in the Revolutionary War, and three of them, Thomas, Lot, and Abijah, were pioneers in the settling of Ohio and Kentucky after the war.

Timothy North's house was "burned to ashes" and the Connecticut Colonial Assembly sitting at Hartford Oct. 13, 1763, recompensed him for certain bills lost therein:
"Upon the memorial of Timothy North of Farmington, shewing to this Assembly that on the 21st day of April last his house was burned to ashes and also about nineteen shillings in bills emitted by this ccolony was burnt at the same time; praying the the same might be paid him out of the public treasury, etc., as per memorial on file:
"Resolved, by this Assembly, that the sum of nineteen shillings be paid to the said Timothy North out of the public treasury; and that the Treasurer is hereby empowered to pay the same."
Given Name: Timothy
Death: 31 Jul 1788 Farmington, CT
Change: Date: 13 Jul 2003
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North, Thomas (b. 1673, d. 5 Apr 1755)
Note: D.N. pg.18 #8

Compiled and Edited by Mrs. Roscoe C. O'Byrne Published by IN DAR 1938
North, Thomas - b. 8/29/1748, Farmington, CT; d. 10/30/1830; Cemetery on North's farm near North's Landing in Switz. Co., IN. Married Bathsheba ___, 1773-1847. Ch. Royal F.; George W., m. 1827 Saby B. Lampton.
Given Name: Thomas
Death: 5 Apr 1755 Farmington, CT
Change: Date: 13 Jul 2003
Time: 16:23:06

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North, Samuel (b. 1643 twin , d. 14 Dec 1682)
Note: D.N.:
They lived in Farmington on the north side of the Hartford road, a little east of Edward Norton's farm buildings. He, with his father and brother John, were among the eighty-four proprietors between whom the unoccupied lands of Farmington were divided in 1672. After his death his widow married John Rew[?] in 1685.
Given Name: Samuel
Death: 14 Dec 1682 Farmington, CT
Change: Date: 13 Jul 2003
Time: 15:09:11

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North, John (b. 1611 app, d. ?)
Note: Landed Boston April 16, 1635. On the Susan and Ellen, Master Edward Payne

from The History of Goshen
"John North came to Goshen from Farmington, in 1745. He built the Blue House and commenced the mercantile buisness there, according to accounts, probably correct, as early as Novermber, 1751. In the summer of 1761 he is called a "merchant" in the accounts of Nathanael Stanley. As a trader he was contemporary with John Dibble, and it is not a little remarkable that they were forced to sell their homes at about the same time."
Given Name: John
Change: Date: 13 Jul 2003
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North, Avarilla-Avillah Jones (b. 25 Jul 1834, d. 8 Oct 1904)
Note: Anderson, Wiley married Jones, Averilla Sep 1868 Hardeman Co. Tennessee

In her own household by 1880 census with several of the children.

CA land patent Butte Co. 6/30/1892 Assigned for automation 2083 CACAAA 040746

from CA land patent database. What is the Glidden?

Given Name: Avarilla-Avillah Jones
Death: 8 Oct 1904 San Francisco, CA
Change: Date: 2 Aug 2003
Time: 17:45:49

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North, Fanny Bell (b. 6 Nov 1853, d. 1 Jul 1855)
Given Name: Fanny Bell
Death: 1 Jul 1855
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North, Nathan Ernest (b. 7 Dec 1855, d. 2 Apr 1856)
Given Name: Nathan Ernest
Death: 2 Apr 1856
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North, Stephen Everett (b. 10 Aug 1860, d. 27 Aug 1860)
Given Name: Stephen Everett
Death: 27 Aug 1860
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North, Davis Beauregard (b. 27 Aug 1861, d. 4 Nov 1944)
Note: D.N. pg.127 #315

born 1862 Missouri
age 18 in 1880 census
age 23 or 32 in 1884 voter reg.
occup. Miner in Magalia
son of Avarilla & Rufus
laborer living at home
wed Lottie May McDowell

D.N. pg. 190 #315
Lived in Pittsburgh, ContraCosta Co. CA
owned drugstore there

born 8/27/1861 MO
died 11/04/1944 Santa Clara
age 9 in 1870 census
child of Rufus & Abertine


Given Name: Davis Beauregard
Death: 4 Nov 1944 Santa Clara, CA
Change: Date: 27 Jul 2003
Time: 21:04:07

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North, Franklin America (b. 20 Feb 1868, d. ?)
Given Name: Franklin America
Change: Date: 13 Jul 2003
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North, William Granger (b. 11 May 1870, d. 25 Aug 1884)
Note: Father's Birthplace IN
Mother's Birthplace IN
Born 1870 CA
Age 10 in 1880 census
Head of Household Avilah NORTH
Census Place Concow, Butte, California

died 8/25/1884 buried Concow cemetery
Given Name: William Granger
Death: 25 Aug 1884 Deadwood, CA
Burial: Concow Cemetery
Change: Date: 15 Jul 2003
Time: 13:19:27

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North, Ava Lena (b. 9 Apr 1875, d. ?)
Note: After marriage in Everett, WA, lived in Chico, CA
Given Name: Ava Lena
Change: Date: 13 Jul 2003
Time: 13:15:20

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North, Leonora Mildred Martin (b. 13 Jul 1863, d. ?)
Note: Listed in the Native Daughters of the Golden West master index, vol. 11, pg. 391, as a Pioneer
Given Name: Leonora Mildred Martin
Change: Date: 13 Jul 2003
Time: 13:27:43

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North, Mary Mildred (b. 31 Mar 1885, d. 15 Jun 1975)
Note: SS # 559-36-1841
Given Name: Mary Mildred
Death: 15 Jun 1975 San Mateo CA
Change: Date: 21 Jul 2003
Time: 22:17:28

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North, Davis Alvy (b. 21 Aug 1888, d. 21 Aug 1888)
Note: pg.247

ss #700-10-9796
Switch engineer for Southern Pacific RR at San Jose
Given Name: Davis Alvy
Death: 21 Aug 1888 Santa Clara, CA
Change: Date: 27 Jul 2003
Time: 20:45:43

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